Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Nest (detached garage with apartment)

IMG_5577 Welcome to The Nest! This will soon be our temporary home while we (mostly Randy) do all the finish work inside the big house. So we'll be going from about 2,000 sq. feet of living space to 728 sq. feet. The garage will be where most of our current house is stored. The electrician and plumber (who are one and the same) has the wiring and plumbing roughed in already, so we're waiting on the roof and siding before we can go much further. After that, it's our deal. After we've moved out, it's going to be the guest house and the garage will be Randy's shop.

IMG_5578 Washer and dryer hookup are behind Randy.

Entry. Living room is to the left.

Living room

IMG_5583 In the living room looking towards the dining area in the corner with the two windows.

IMG_5580 Dining area

IMG_5581 In dining area looking into kitchen. The sink will be under the window. The fridge and oven will be opposite the sink wall. That's the kids' bedroom beyond.

Kids' room and a kid. Sylvie claimed this room for them because it looks out into the woods so they can see deer.


Mine and Randy's room. The bedrooms have surprisingly good closet space for being so small (about 10x10.)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Little (big) House on the Pasture

IMG_5542 This is what's been going on for the past month and a half! It's been surreal having the house plan that I know inside out start coming to life.
  IMG_5553I took a bunch of photos of the inside to do a little tour, but then suddenly the framing was DONE. The windows and most of the outside doors are in now, so I'll be taking updated photos this weekend to post. I've relied on Instagram to track progress as it's gone so fast. It's slowing down now, and while it will be neat to see the roof and siding go on, the rest will likely be pretty boring as the plumbing, wiring, and insulation go in. I can't wait for drywall to go up and really make the rooms take shape!