Saturday, August 16, 2014

First Day of School.

Those socks!
He would have rather walked in on his own, but I told him it was a mama's (and a daddy's) job to walk him to class the first day of school.
He has an awesome teacher! She was a friend of mine during middle and high school, and one of her little girls is Sylvie's best friend from play school.

Missy Prissy was SO excited to start pre-k!

She is in the same pre-k classroom as Elliot was, so she remembers the routine of hanging up her backpack on the porch. Piggy had a much needed back-to-school bath, and gets to hang out in Sylvie's cubby until nap time everyday.
Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Pam!
She was nervous, but very brave. No tears or clinging to us!
Sylvie said she had so much fun, and talked non-stop about her day and all the things they did. Elliot, in typical Elliot fashion, grinned and looked thrilled as we pulled up to pick him up, then turned into Mr. Grumpkins as soon as his rear end landed in the seat of the van, said he didn't have a good day, and that his stomach hurt all day. He mumbled, grumbled, and complained about everything, refused to share any details of his day, and then eventually perked back up about a half hour later.