Saturday, April 12, 2014

T-ball girl.

Sylvie's first t-ball game of the season was Friday evening, and she did so well! The folks in charge don't want parents out on the field this year, and while I understand the reasoning, it's hard for some of these little ones (3-4 year olds) that are timid. Sylvie was super brave! And darn cute in her uniform!

Coach Cole instructing one of Sylvie's little friends from play school.

Getting ready for her turn at bat.

Oops, missed it!

So excited!!

On first base. That happy little face is so sweet peeking out from her ball cap!

She said she ran so fast that she was kicking up dust, haha!

Coming into third.

Good throw, Syl!

Uh-oh, distracted by dirt!

Good game!

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