Monday, April 7, 2014

Kids say… (blast from the past)

*Found this in my drafts. Elliot is now 5 3/4, so it's from 2 years ago!*

Elliot has really reached the stage where he's starting to say all kinds of hilarious things that crack me and Randy up! And he does stuff and says things that make us just look at each other all big-eyed with wonder at how wicked SMART this kid is. So despite how often I feel like I'm failing at this parenting gig, I MUST be doing something right, right!? One of the things that sends me on a guilt trip is that I don't record this stuff. Their baby books...totally empty. I write things down occasionally on scraps of paper that get lost, or on my Facebook status, but I need to keep better records. Sometimes Elliot will come up with a doozy while Randy is at work, and by the time he gets home I've already forgotten it. I definitely have Mommy Brain Syndrome, so annoying!

So here's a little report on Mr. Elliot just for my memory's sake.

Elliot @ age 3 3/4 (almost)

favorite color - blue and sometimes he claims that he likes allll of the colors.

favorite stuffed animal - Baby Bear (of course) and Walter the Owl (Walter just had surgery at Build A Bear to replace his sound chip that stopped working. Randy gleefully and so maturely calls it Walter's hooter.)

favorite book - his Richard Scarrey books and Fisher-Price lift-a-flap books

favorite toy - it varies from day to day but his Playmobile airplane, Matchbox airport and airplanes, and his big firetruck usually are repeat favorites.

favorite things to do outside - fly his tiny airplane kite if it's windy, help Daddy work, throw the ball for our dog Lily.

favorite songs - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABCs, Jesus Loves Me. He's started singing a lot over the past 3-4 months, particularly when we're trying to eat dinner. Hearing Baa Baa Black Sheep 20 times in a row gets old real fast. He can also tap out the rhythm of a couple songs on his little drum which totally amazes me!

Latest funny things he's said that I can remember - On the way to church we pass the old elementary school that Randy and I went to until it closed when I was 8. He pointed it out and asked if it was a school, and I told him that it was and that Daddy and I went to school there when we were really little. He replied, "As little as a mouse?"
This afternoon Randy asked him if his head was hurting. He responded, "No, it feels good! It feels hard!"

Favorite food and drink - peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese sandwiches, strawberry milk

Favorite game - pretending to be a variety of baby animals, the most common being a baby cat and a baby turtle. He drags around his "shell" (a big laundry basket) which he likes to hide in. He'll lay with his shell balanced on his back and tell me to be a mean dog, and when I bark at him he snatches his arms, legs, and head into the laundry basket. Pretty cute! Randy reported that while he and Elliot were on a Daddy/Son outing this weekend, Elliot laid down in the restaurant booth seat and covered his face. When asked what he was doing, he said he was a sleeping snake and was waiting on someone to come to their table so he could wake up and scare them. He also had a brief obsession with being a baby bush baby the other month and would leap from sofa to chair. He insists that I am the mama animal of whatever baby animal he is pretending to be at the time. Mama Bush Baby doesn't leap wherever she goes though!

The Yucky Stuff -
Oh my, the defiance!! Temper. Yelling. Ordering Randy and I around. Hitting his sister. TV obsession (which I fuel because of sheer laziness). Battles over getting him to eat. Nap time/quiet time battles. I think the kid is bored to death, and I'm not doing my part to keep him engaged.

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