Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Farm happenings.

We have a pond, a newly enhanced driveway, a pasture, and a homesite! But we also have RAIN. The rain is great for filling up the pond, and it's only a couple feet shy of being full, but the rain is not great for progress on everything else. We have MUD! We need to have 4 wheel drive. The mud is keeping a few finishing touches on the pond from happening, and the rain is keeping the giant mountains of stumps in the pasture from being burned.

    The newly chosen house plan is in our builder's hand for him to work up detailed estimates, and we'll be starting loan paperwork this week. So next on the list is a well, septic, and electricity. I am dreaming of the day we put up a shiny new mailbox with our new house number on it! I have no idea when that will actually be. I'm hoping around Thanksgiving, but that might be extremely optimistic. I'm so very ready for housebuilding to get underway. I'm chomping at the bit to make our final decisions on cabinets and flooring and paint and windows and all the millions of things that will soon take over my brain even more than they already are! My Pinterest boards are getting out of control.

As far as actual farm type progress goes, we have a pond full of baby bluegills and catfish! That's approx. 2800 fishy babies, and we'll add bass in another month or so. The fish feeder came in today so we can fatten them all up. Randy bought a spreader for his tractor and spread grass seed on the dam and around the pond. We haven't seen any sprouting yet, but I'm hoping that the rain we've had yesterday and today is going to kick start that, and not just wash it all down into the pond. I want to get martin houses up very soon, and we've talked about going ahead and setting up a few bee boxes sooner rather than later. Seeding the pasture needs to happen soon, but it's a big muddy lumpy mess. We ordered two trail cams so we can get a glimpse of the critters that we're sharing the farm with. We've seen loads of deer tracks and turkey tracks, raccoon prints in the mud, and what we're guessing to be fox tracks, or maybe coyote. We've seen the turkey before, maybe 15 or so high tailing it into the woods. We have a huge population of frogs, and have set up a tank of tadpoles at home to watch grow up. We've had Canadian geese visiting the pond, martins flying over, bats coming out at dusk, and we spotted an owl one evening, too. I can't wait to get the cameras set up this week!

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