Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I've been feeling the homebody pull and tug strongly these past weeks. Although I don't use them to their fullest, the rare evening that nothing is going on feels like an unexpected gift. As much as I enjoy having Elliot and Sylvie involved in tball and coach pitch, I anticipate practices and games with a little bit of annoyance. It interrupts our home time. I finally filled in the dry erase calendar for April this past weekend, and it's jam packed. With young kids, we're in the very early stages of extracurricular activities that eat into our home time. I can't quite fathom what the calendar is going to look like as the years progress. I want to protect our home time, and I foresee it being quite a task as the kids get older. It's going to be a battle to pick and choose and guide the kids in their choices. Our family time is something I plan on fiercely protecting. My mom always tells me we do too much, and I totally get it. Slowwww down.

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