Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kids say...

Reported by Randy -
    Sylvie and Elliot were playing in the backyard on their swings while Randy was in the kitchen. He heard Elliot screeching and peeked out the window to see him happily swinging and practicing the super shrill, ear piercing, glass shattering shrieks he has a talent for. Sylvie was on her swing, and not looking too pleased. Sylvie came running in a few minutes later, upset over something. It turns out that Elliot told her he was calling eagles, and it was scaring her because he said they were going to eat her up!

Elliot likes to pretend to be a baby squirrel or chipmunk, especially at bedtime. His squirrel name is Nut-Nut.

I was helping Sylvie get ready for bed last night, and we had to blow her nose and use her nose spray. She pointed at her right nostril and told me it was the bathroom, and that her left nostril was her bedroom. Huh?

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