Thursday, November 8, 2012

Good morning.

It was a good morning. No tears, no tantrums, and out the door on time!

Why are you taking our picture at 7 a.m.? They both wandered into my room and snuggled into the big bed just a couple minutes after I had gotten up.

She found a handful of change on my bedside table, and started sorting it correctly.

Sweet sleepy boy.

Up and at 'em! Playing with the tracks Daddy helped him build last night.

He started getting grumpy when I needed him to come get dressed. "You have a choice. You can come on to your room without fussing, or you can pitch a fit and I'll drag you back to your room. You WILL be getting dressed regardless of your choice." He chose to be dragged down the hall, but with giggles instead of screaming. Thank goodness.

Dressed! It wasn't one of Sylvie's daycare mornings, so she got to stay in her jammies and unbrushed hair.

Out the door. Chilly morning in the high 30's. Sylvie insisted on wearing her backpack full of stuffed animals.

Cutie pie!

Happy morning time Lil.

Sunshine and a bit of fog.

Pre-K drop off complete. Elliot suddenly got clingy as I was leaving his classroom and latched onto me. I had to pry him off and one of his teachers snuggled him up so Syl and I could get out the door. That's only the second time its happened. Sylvie decided she was done after two bites of breakfast, so I ate it instead of fixing me something. She happily played with chocolate scented play dough.

Morning kitty nap.


  1. Chocolate scented Play-Doh? I would have eaten all of it at Sylvie's age. Also, what is this cold your speak of?

  2. Smells great, probably tastes nasty! Yep, the cold is interesting stuff, makes you shiver, requires a jacket...things you wouldn't be familiar with from living on a tropical island and all.


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