Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Phone photo randomness.

Photos from Randy's phone over the past few months.

Scary after nap Sylvie. I'm so glad we had her hair cut since then!

Dancing during music time at VBS.

Trying on chicken coop boots at Tractor Supply. She wanted those pink horsie boots sooo much! She even tried reasoning with me that she could save them until she was a grown up and her feet had grown big enough.

They almost went all the way to his waist!

Playground pit stop on the way to the mountains for family vacation.


Our first view of mountains!

Sylvie and Piggy exploring the cabin once we arrived.

Elliot's first s'more experience!

He was very impressed.

Super-sized wrench at a local surplus store. I didn't know wrenches even came in that size!

Sweet sleepy little elf.

Snuggling his Baby Bear that was swaddled in his old baby blanket.

Showing off her ladybug cookie at a cousin's birthday party.

Daddy and daughter Home Depot trip. And Piggy, too.

Randy found a butterfly in the chicken coop and put it on Sylvie's shirt. It hung out for a bit.


Randy's favored pasttime. It's a 302 from a 1972 Ford Maverick Grabber.

Puppies Sylvie and Elliot testing out beds.

Making funny faces at Grandmother's house.


Sylvie squish face.

Elliot squish face.

His sad face.

A treasure trove of army men. I guess they would be considered vintage as the original owner (my brother) turned 39 yesterday! Happy Birthday Ugly Brother!!

Kids say...

A breakfast time conversation:

While drinking yellow orange juice out of a blue cup at breakfast, Elliot started talking about how blue and yellow make green. Sylvie was excited and understood this because they just did a paint mixing activity at daycare this week. Elliot's observation - "When I eat a cupcake with blue icing I have green poops the next day. I can paint with my butt!"

A dinner table conversation:

Elliot: Did you know an alligator can climb up that step into the kitchen? He's my pet alligator, and he can chase you.
Me:  I'd climb something so he couldn't get me.
Elliot: Alligators have sharp claws so they can climb stuff.
Me: Not a tree, not like a cat.
Elliot: He could climb a ladder. My alligator is named Smarty Pants, and I have a mouse named Smarty Pants, and some hamsters.
Sylvie: Where, can I see?
Elliot: No. They're in north Georgia, that's a long way away.
Sylvie: I wide in my widdle twain. It go a 100,000 mph.

A human anatomy conversation:

Elliot was sitting on the potty, doing his business, and we were discussing the differences between boys and girls. Boys have weenies, girls have toot-toots (weirdest name ever), and he was naming what he has, and what Sylvie has, and what Daddy has, and when he came to what Mama has he wasn't quite sure. I explained that I was a girl the same as Sylvie, to which he exclaimed, "Oh, so God cut off your weenie!"

A (temporary) body art explanation:

Sylvie was drawing all over her arms and legs with a marker while in the kitchen with Randy. He realized what she was doing, and asked her why she was drawing on herself. She told him she was giving herself stripes like a tiger. After that creative explanation Randy told her to have at it, and to keep right on drawing!