Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time for school!

A little bit of back-to-school decor from the 1825 blog.

It's supposed to be a school bus, but I guess it missed the mark as none of my family that was visiting could figure it out! I saw them here, and thought the kids might like them. I should have cut the vanilla wafer down smaller, used an M&M mini for the stop sign, and regular M&Ms for the tires. The yellow cake mix tasted sort of doughy and uncooked paired with the homemade vanilla buttercream icing, so that won't happen again either!

Taking down the last apple before bed Sunday night! He was so excited!

He was a grumpy kid Monday morning, but he perked up when we headed out to the car to go to school!

Finding his name above his backpack hook.

Just a little nervous.

Once he got settled in we could barely get his attention away from those blocks long enough for us to wave bye-bye!

He had a good first day, no tears in the morning, and was excited to see us at 2:30 when we picked him up!

The Back-to-School Fairy visited while we were out picking up Elliot! She brought both Elliot and Sylvie a little basket of school supplies, and left a note! Of course a sweet little girl who missed her big brother had a gift delivered, too!




Our typical schedule is getting a good shaking up, and it's going to take a bit to get settled into a new routine.


Hey you! Yes, you...come out of the woodwork and say hello!