Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kids say...

My mom reported this one and got a good laugh out of it. She kept the kids for a couple hours one evening this week, and they spent a lot of time coloring with markers. Sylvie apparently colored all over herself with the markers, up and down her arms and on her face.

Grandmother: Sylvie! Your Mama is going to give you a spanking when she gets home and sees you!
Sylvie (very matter of fact): No she's not. She just talk to me.

And for the record, I do not spank my children when they color on themselves! I try to think of them as a living canvas, haha! Besides, the markers are washable and so are they.

Another Sylvie moment -
She was sitting on my lap eating some cake at my cousin Emily's little birthday party. Emily reached over and tickled Sylvie's cheek as she was walking by. Sylvie did her characteristic bashful tuck her face and grin routine, and then told me, "I so cute!"

I guess she hears that a lot!

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