Sunday, August 19, 2012

Friday evening.

Both Mikey and Sylvie visited the doctor this week. Mikey got slapped around by one of the outdoor cats Saturday evening, and was a pitiful limp dishrag a day and half later. He barely moved from his spot on the back of the sofa for over half a day, and cried whenever I picked him up. Doc checked him out, and he had a couple shots for pain and to keep infection at bay. He's back to his annoying little self now! Poor Sylvie went in on Friday and has double ear infections. No wonder she's been out of sorts all week and not sleeping well!

Poor Mikey. He's proving to be a very tolerant kitty.

"I carry him wike a baby!" Whispering to the cat, "Aww, it's otay. You awight."

Randy bought the kids a bubble machine about a month ago. We finally got batteries for it, only for it to work for 2 minutes before it died. He dissected it, soldered a wire that had come loose, and now it works perfectly!

Pretending to be a bunny. His classroom has a pet rabbit named Gracie. He was so excited to be able to feed her carrots and celery last week!

Getting bubble blasted!

I think I can claim him as my child.


Butterfly bush in the play yard.

Mikey "enjoying" a ride down the slide.

"Mikey's my fwiend, he wants me!" - as she hauls poor Mikey around.

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  1. We just caught up on all of your blog posts and were cracking up at the photos of Sylvie and Mikey. So funny!

    - Jen


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