Friday, August 24, 2012

After school.


The usual state of our dining room table.

Wednesday's lunch.


Bacon, egg, cheese, and mayo sandwich. This has to be one of the best foods ever. Our chickens' eggs are far from the standard large or x-large I usually buy from the store so it took 3 to have enough scrambled eggs.

Also, one of the chickens' egg making apparatus does not have it figured out yet. There was a shell-less egg in the coop this week. Perfectly egg-shaped and covered with a thick, almost opaque membrane. Firm yet squishy. So strange!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Partners in crime.

Handcuffed to her best friend, the infamous Piggy. He's one intimidating guy, swaddled in a floral baby blanket with all the fuzz picked off of his snout from a couple years worth of Sylvie snuggles. They are pretty much inseparable these days. I wonder what Piggy is going to look like in a few more years? Even if she loses interest in him one day, I'll be tucking him away for safe-keeping forever. I'm attached to Piggy because she loves him so!





Today was a record day so far with 4 eggs in the nesting boxes! In the almost two weeks since the chickens started laying, we've had about 19-20 eggs. We had scrambled egg sandwiches one morning, and Randy boiled a couple this weekend. Definitely better than store bought, especially the hard-boiled ones! Milder taste and creamier texture, yum! I've got my fingers crossed that I'll find a blue or green egg soon, although from what I read there's a chance that the Easter eggers might lay brown eggs just like the others. I think at least 4 or 5 of the chickens are laying. I saw somewhere online that Easter eggers generally start laying later than some of the other breeds, so I'm hoping they just haven't gotten there yet. Once everybody starts, and if they lay the average of 2-3 eggs per week then I'm going to have to start delivering eggs to my mom and aunts! Two dozen a week is just a bit more than a family of four can handle, haha!

Friday evening.

Both Mikey and Sylvie visited the doctor this week. Mikey got slapped around by one of the outdoor cats Saturday evening, and was a pitiful limp dishrag a day and half later. He barely moved from his spot on the back of the sofa for over half a day, and cried whenever I picked him up. Doc checked him out, and he had a couple shots for pain and to keep infection at bay. He's back to his annoying little self now! Poor Sylvie went in on Friday and has double ear infections. No wonder she's been out of sorts all week and not sleeping well!

Poor Mikey. He's proving to be a very tolerant kitty.

"I carry him wike a baby!" Whispering to the cat, "Aww, it's otay. You awight."

Randy bought the kids a bubble machine about a month ago. We finally got batteries for it, only for it to work for 2 minutes before it died. He dissected it, soldered a wire that had come loose, and now it works perfectly!

Pretending to be a bunny. His classroom has a pet rabbit named Gracie. He was so excited to be able to feed her carrots and celery last week!

Getting bubble blasted!

I think I can claim him as my child.


Butterfly bush in the play yard.

Mikey "enjoying" a ride down the slide.

"Mikey's my fwiend, he wants me!" - as she hauls poor Mikey around.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Chin vs. Concrete

Elliot's teacher called me Thursday morning to report a playground accident. Elliot was pushing a dump truck through the sand at full speed, rammed into the edge of a concrete pad that was a couple inches higher, and then tumbled over the suddenly stopped truck to bash his face on the concrete. She saw it as it happened, and raced to him imagining stitches and messed up teeth. Poor kid had a mouth and nose full of dirt and a cut chin, but had already stopped crying when she got to him. I think he's getting to be an old pro at facial trauma, lol!

Cooking with Daddy.

When a meal is actually cooked around here, 9 times out of 10 Randy is the one doing the cooking. Elliot and Sylvie "helped" him fix a pizza kit yesterday evening.



Sylvie sampling the cheese.


Thank goodness for our automatic vacuum cleaner!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time for school!

A little bit of back-to-school decor from the 1825 blog.

It's supposed to be a school bus, but I guess it missed the mark as none of my family that was visiting could figure it out! I saw them here, and thought the kids might like them. I should have cut the vanilla wafer down smaller, used an M&M mini for the stop sign, and regular M&Ms for the tires. The yellow cake mix tasted sort of doughy and uncooked paired with the homemade vanilla buttercream icing, so that won't happen again either!

Taking down the last apple before bed Sunday night! He was so excited!

He was a grumpy kid Monday morning, but he perked up when we headed out to the car to go to school!

Finding his name above his backpack hook.

Just a little nervous.

Once he got settled in we could barely get his attention away from those blocks long enough for us to wave bye-bye!

He had a good first day, no tears in the morning, and was excited to see us at 2:30 when we picked him up!

The Back-to-School Fairy visited while we were out picking up Elliot! She brought both Elliot and Sylvie a little basket of school supplies, and left a note! Of course a sweet little girl who missed her big brother had a gift delivered, too!




Our typical schedule is getting a good shaking up, and it's going to take a bit to get settled into a new routine.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer morning.


Mikey is trying his wings at being an indoor/outdoor kitty. He has too much energy for our house to contain!

Cherry and Jelly Bean

Pretty pup Lily.


Sylvie has such a sweet chubby baby face in this one!

This is Elliot's interpretation of my asking him to "smile nicely".

Boy and chicken practicing their balance beam routine.

Mikey the Explorer.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wakey, wakey. Eggs and bakey!


I discovered a couple surprises in the nesting boxes while putting the chickens up for the evening! Our first two eggs have arrived!! I guess that means we officially have layers now, and we need to get on the ball with putting straw in their boxes, and starting them on layer feed.

I think tomorrow morning calls for grits, bacon, and a very small portion of scrambled eggs!

Then a trip to the feed and seed!


Sylvie has become fascinated with picking Mikey up and carrying him around, and now that he's getting pretty big and less fragile I don't have a problem with it. She's learning to pick him up under his front legs, and to not squeeze too tightly. She finds him somewhere in the house, minding his own business, says "Aww, hey baby! Are you hungry?", scoops him up and delivers him to the cat food bowl, or the water bowl. I've had to instruct her that the kitty will drink when he's thirsty and does not need "help" by having his face pushed into the water. No kitties were harmed during the taking of these photos. Besides, I'm calling it payback for Mikey peeing on Elliot's bed this afternoon.

His terrified expression in this first one cracks me up!


Help me!!


Scenes from after nap time.

Focused in on How It's Made, and surrounded by library books. I spied Elliot holding Mikey's head still while stage whispering into his ear about how many crayons are made in an hour, haha!

Sylvie shared her snack with Big Penguin. She said "That was nice of me, huh?"

Pretending to go to bed on her beanbag.

The Little People family had visitors. They were a bit crowded in their cottage, but managed to find everyone a place to sleep for the night.