Friday, July 20, 2012

Yard birds.

The chickens were feeling a little cooped-up (hehe), so they got to experience free-ranging for the first time this week! Randy's been letting them out for a few hours most days to get a chance to eat plenty of bugs and grass and have lots of room to exercise. They became used to it pretty quickly, and most definitely seem to enjoy their freedom. They are about 4 months old now.

First time out of the coop.

They stick pretty close to the coop. I wonder if they will become more adventurous as they get older. I kinda hope not!

Little Tom wisely gives them a wide berth.

Sylvie running to help Daddy pick tomatoes.

Lily surprisingly hasn't really tried to herd them yet.

One of the Rhode Island Reds. We're saying that the biggest one is Apple, the medium is Strawberry, and the smallest is Cherry. I can't tell them apart.

Chicken guard dog.

Pretty little weeds the kids picked for me. :)

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