Thursday, July 26, 2012

New specs.

I finally got new glasses! My others were older than Elliot. I hope the kids won't ever need glasses, but at least we know they're adorable in them! Sylvie actually cried when I told her she might not ever need glasses. "But I want to wook wike Mommy!"

He just needs a little facial hair and he could be a mini-Randy!

Elliot wanted to take our photo. He's getting better!

I've been room swapping the past couple days. We moved Sylvie into Elliot's room several months ago, and it's worked out really well. Sylvie is in a toddler bed, but seems like she's getting mighty big in it. I started thinking about how I could fit two twin beds into Elliot's little room, and it felt claustrophobic. So I've moved them into Sylvie old room, and now I'm excited about changing it into a room for both of them! Of course I've been pinning lots of ideas! I've been swapping furniture about, and figuring out what new pieces they need. So far they've got a new (thrifted) dresser to go in between their beds. I plan on painting the room next week even though I'm really sad about covering up Sylvie's (still unfinished) tree mural. She was pretending to climb the tree today, and then pretending to be the little pink bird in the tree.

The new dresser. It needs paint. And to not smell like a cigarette. I've got baking soda in the drawers, and they're going to hang out outside tomorrow to air out.

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