Monday, July 23, 2012

Mike Rowe and his Dirty Jobs.


Elliot and Sylvie took Mikey shopping at "Wal-Mart" today.

We've recently had a rash of mystery pee incidents around the house, particularly on Sylvie's toddler bed and on the kids' not so cheap Pottery Barn bean bags. We weren't sure which pet to blame it on.

Was it the disgruntled pre-existing kitty rebelling against sharing his litter, cat tower, and humans?

Was it the not so reliably paper-trained pooch whose favored method of pouting is to have "accidents" here and there?

Or was it the newest little feline addition to the family?

Our vote was on the pooch, but she was wrongly accused. Turns out little Mike Rowe was leaving some dirty jobs in a few choice places. I caught him red-pawed scratching and starting to squat on Sylvie's bed one morning.

Darn kitten!!!

I'm not sure exactly what to do about it other than to reinforce where his litter box is, place him in it often, and squirt him with the spray bottle if I find him in the act or being suspicious in the previously targeted areas.

And just to report on some other dirty jobs -

Sylvie had a dirty diaper first thing this morning, and it went EVERYWHERE. The results were a bath before breakfast for Sylvie, and trying out washing an area rug in our new washer for the first time. And as I was dealing with that catastrophe, I walked into the kitchen to get something and stepped directly into dog poop.

Too many dirty jobs.

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