Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kids say...

We visited the pier while on St. Simons, and watched the people fishing off the pier. There was a man preparing a fish to use for bait, and Elliot was very interested in watching him cut the fish. He watched for a minute, and then loudly declared, "That's where fish sticks come from!"

We went swimming at Randy's aunt's house and had a cookout there for the 4th. Elliot was paddling all around the pool wearing his floaties. He told me he was a swimmer kitty, and that he was "kitty-paddling" around the pool. :)

Sylvie had so much fun at the pool yesterday, too. She told me, "I wike dis pool. I wike swimmin' with all the udder kids!" At almost 2 1/2, her vocabulary and comprehension blow Randy and I away. Elliot was speaking fairly well although limited at this age, but nowhere near the level or with the clarity she is. I love seeing the differences in development and tastes between them!

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