Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coop expansion.

Handy Randy finished up the chicken coop and run last week! Now they have a roomy yard to play in,  a roosting bar in the run and the coop, and nesting boxes for when they get old enough to start laying. We also added a hanging feeder and waterer, and have a second waterer to add in the run. They drink a lot of water!

View into the coop. They're loving that big seed block!

The nesting boxes! We need to add some straw to them.

Randy made the roof area of the nesting boxes into a storage area for supplies. Their scratch feed, grit, dried mealworms, and few other things are in there.

I finally found some cute chicken coop boots! The chickens most favorite place in the yard so far is under and around the scuppernong vines. That's Nugget there. I was afraid she might be a rooster, but after a bit of research, I'm pretty well positive she's a she! The chickens started pecking each other to bits a few weeks ago which fueled the completion of the coop and starting to let them free-range. Nugget has received the brunt of it so she's looking pretty bald on her rump. We're coating the pecked spots down with Blu-Kote, and hoping that the changes we've made will stop the pecking. It's frustrating!

Jellybean (black sex-link) and Lemon Drop (Easter egger). They suck blades of grass Elliot gives them down like spaghetti noodles!

Nugget (Easter egger) peeking out from the scuppernong vine.

Little Elliot chicken hanging out under the vines with the chickens.

Cutie pie!

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