Thursday, July 26, 2012


Mikey managed to trap himself under a laundry basket. He's lucky that I hadn't gone to bed yet, or he would have spent the night in jail. IMG_2076

New specs.

I finally got new glasses! My others were older than Elliot. I hope the kids won't ever need glasses, but at least we know they're adorable in them! Sylvie actually cried when I told her she might not ever need glasses. "But I want to wook wike Mommy!"

He just needs a little facial hair and he could be a mini-Randy!

Elliot wanted to take our photo. He's getting better!

I've been room swapping the past couple days. We moved Sylvie into Elliot's room several months ago, and it's worked out really well. Sylvie is in a toddler bed, but seems like she's getting mighty big in it. I started thinking about how I could fit two twin beds into Elliot's little room, and it felt claustrophobic. So I've moved them into Sylvie old room, and now I'm excited about changing it into a room for both of them! Of course I've been pinning lots of ideas! I've been swapping furniture about, and figuring out what new pieces they need. So far they've got a new (thrifted) dresser to go in between their beds. I plan on painting the room next week even though I'm really sad about covering up Sylvie's (still unfinished) tree mural. She was pretending to climb the tree today, and then pretending to be the little pink bird in the tree.

The new dresser. It needs paint. And to not smell like a cigarette. I've got baking soda in the drawers, and they're going to hang out outside tomorrow to air out.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Coop expansion.

Handy Randy finished up the chicken coop and run last week! Now they have a roomy yard to play in,  a roosting bar in the run and the coop, and nesting boxes for when they get old enough to start laying. We also added a hanging feeder and waterer, and have a second waterer to add in the run. They drink a lot of water!

View into the coop. They're loving that big seed block!

The nesting boxes! We need to add some straw to them.

Randy made the roof area of the nesting boxes into a storage area for supplies. Their scratch feed, grit, dried mealworms, and few other things are in there.

I finally found some cute chicken coop boots! The chickens most favorite place in the yard so far is under and around the scuppernong vines. That's Nugget there. I was afraid she might be a rooster, but after a bit of research, I'm pretty well positive she's a she! The chickens started pecking each other to bits a few weeks ago which fueled the completion of the coop and starting to let them free-range. Nugget has received the brunt of it so she's looking pretty bald on her rump. We're coating the pecked spots down with Blu-Kote, and hoping that the changes we've made will stop the pecking. It's frustrating!

Jellybean (black sex-link) and Lemon Drop (Easter egger). They suck blades of grass Elliot gives them down like spaghetti noodles!

Nugget (Easter egger) peeking out from the scuppernong vine.

Little Elliot chicken hanging out under the vines with the chickens.

Cutie pie!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mike Rowe and his Dirty Jobs.


Elliot and Sylvie took Mikey shopping at "Wal-Mart" today.

We've recently had a rash of mystery pee incidents around the house, particularly on Sylvie's toddler bed and on the kids' not so cheap Pottery Barn bean bags. We weren't sure which pet to blame it on.

Was it the disgruntled pre-existing kitty rebelling against sharing his litter, cat tower, and humans?

Was it the not so reliably paper-trained pooch whose favored method of pouting is to have "accidents" here and there?

Or was it the newest little feline addition to the family?

Our vote was on the pooch, but she was wrongly accused. Turns out little Mike Rowe was leaving some dirty jobs in a few choice places. I caught him red-pawed scratching and starting to squat on Sylvie's bed one morning.

Darn kitten!!!

I'm not sure exactly what to do about it other than to reinforce where his litter box is, place him in it often, and squirt him with the spray bottle if I find him in the act or being suspicious in the previously targeted areas.

And just to report on some other dirty jobs -

Sylvie had a dirty diaper first thing this morning, and it went EVERYWHERE. The results were a bath before breakfast for Sylvie, and trying out washing an area rug in our new washer for the first time. And as I was dealing with that catastrophe, I walked into the kitchen to get something and stepped directly into dog poop.

Too many dirty jobs.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fish tales.

Randy took the kids fishing at my aunt and uncle's little pond this afternoon. They came home with a fish tale, and Sylvie's first big catch!

Randy was helping Sylvie use a cane pole and she caught a little bream. They almost had it back to the bank when this big bass thought the little fish would make a tasty snack! It gulped the bream down and got it's own lip caught on the hook.

Elliot wanted to cook it so he could eat fish sticks, but we're going to have Sylvie's first big catch mounted for posterity!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kids say...

Before nap time one afternoon when Elliot was beginning to droop:

Me: You're getting tired, aren't you buddy?
Elliot: I'm not tired. I've got POWER!

Yard birds.

The chickens were feeling a little cooped-up (hehe), so they got to experience free-ranging for the first time this week! Randy's been letting them out for a few hours most days to get a chance to eat plenty of bugs and grass and have lots of room to exercise. They became used to it pretty quickly, and most definitely seem to enjoy their freedom. They are about 4 months old now.

First time out of the coop.

They stick pretty close to the coop. I wonder if they will become more adventurous as they get older. I kinda hope not!

Little Tom wisely gives them a wide berth.

Sylvie running to help Daddy pick tomatoes.

Lily surprisingly hasn't really tried to herd them yet.

One of the Rhode Island Reds. We're saying that the biggest one is Apple, the medium is Strawberry, and the smallest is Cherry. I can't tell them apart.

Chicken guard dog.

Pretty little weeds the kids picked for me. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Roller derby.

Our nephew Austin turned 9 years old at the end of June, and he had a little party at the skating rink. This was Elliot and Sylvie's first time skating!

Sylvie showing off her training skates to Nana (Randy's mom) and Uncle Joey (Randy's oldest brother and Austin's dad). Sylvie looks a whole lot like her Nana in this photo!

Blurry, but sweet. Sylvie giving kisses to the birthday boy!

Our niece, Laney, who Sylvie claims as her best friend.


In the middle of the rink singing Happy Birthday to Austin.

Cake time!

Sylvie is anxiously awaiting a piece of cake.

She LOVED skating!

Getting a push from Daddy.

The cousins!

At the beach - 3.

Yay!! Finally, a beautiful beach day and Sylvie was ready to go!

Catching a ride. Don't be fooled, she doesn't like heights and this only lasted for maybe a minute.





After nap time, we headed down to the pier.

We'll attempt the lighthouse tour when the kids are older. I don't want to have to carry Sylvie up that many steps.

Fishing poles on the pier.

We spent some time on the playground.

Visited the huge oak trees.

We ate outside at a seafood restaurant.

Sylvie redeemed herself and was fairly well-behaved.

This little girl is not a fan of ice cream, and opted for gummy bears from the ice cream topping choices instead.

The next day was even nicer, but I didn't bother with my camera. We had to pack everything up that morning and load it up since we were checking out. We turned our key in and spent the rest of the morning on the beach. We spent some time at the condo's pool after we came off the beach to get un-sandy before loading up and heading home. We picked up some food on the way off the island, and Sylvie fell asleep with her hand still in her chicken nugget box. I think we're going to try taking some day trips to the beach soon. It certainly would be much cheaper then spending a few nights!