Friday, June 1, 2012


An explanation of the plural form of goose is just too much for a not quite 4 year old.

We visited our county's public fishing lake today. Elliot fed the geese Sonic tater tots, we explored the docks, watched purple martins zoom around over the water, and collected geese feathers. A storm started to roll in, and nap time loomed so we didn't stay too long. Sylvie is all about bodies of water. Ponds, lakes, pools, oceans - she's impressed by them all. She insisted on holding my hand while on the docks, often telling me to hold her hand "harder". Elliot really wanted to go on the trails so he could see the little signs that tell about the animals and plants, so we're going to go early in the morning some time this summer.



I see you, sneaky goose! It was trying to hide behind the tree.

At first the geese were pretty shy. Once the whole group figured out that Elliot was the source of the greasy goodness tater tots, some of them rushed him in their desperate competition for food. He didn't act like hissing geese bothered him, but I thought I was about to have to punt some feather butts. Next time we'll have to come armed with a  bunch of stale bread instead of one small thing of tater tots manned by a little boy who carefully (and slowly) tore them into tiny pieces before doling them out.

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