Sunday, June 17, 2012



My aunt has a litter of 6 kittens that need homes, and this little guy is going to become the newest Steinmann baby in a few more weeks! We haven't mentioned it to the kids yet, and I want to keep it a surprise until right before he's old enough to come live with us. So don't say anything!! I think we'll tell the kids and make a special shopping trip a few days before we bring the new kitty home to let them pick out some things for him at Petsmart.  I've been reading up on integrating a new kitten into a household with an older cat, and how to introduce them slowly and safely. I'm staying optimistic that Munchie won't have any issues with suddenly gaining a baby brother. He was one of 6 house cats until about 3 years ago, two of which we hand-raised from birth, so he's proven in the past that he interacts well with other cats and kittens. Hopefully that hasn't changed. I need to get to work on kitten-proofing the house!


  1. Oh no! The cutest little fluffy grey kitten! Those kinds can turn into demanding fluffballs who want to be held all the time and have their ears kissed.

  2. He's Fishy's little look-a-like! Except I think he's going to be pretty big as he's already nearly double the size of some of his tiny sisters. Carminta has been calling him Smokey, but I think I may rename him.


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