Monday, June 25, 2012

Elliot's Lightning McQueen Birthday Party

The birthday boy!

We had the party out in Randy's shop which fit the car theme well. Little Miss Cookie Thief is running off with her first of many victims in this photo. Caught red-handed!

I used some old motorcycle fenders to hold the goodie bags, and borrowed boxes of car parts that Randy had around the shop to use as cake and cupcake stands.

My first attempt at cake decorating! Elliot's only request was that his cake had Lightning McQueen on it.


I purchased the cupcake topper design, and the ticket-style invitation on Etsy.

Randy's talented cousin made the awesome cookies!

They were gone by the time I was able to eat. :(

Old motorcycle tires and parts.

Party dog Lily! She enjoyed all the dropped food and laying in front of the fan.

Silly girl enjoying her very favorite food group, cheese puffs!

Gift time!

My brother gave Elliot the giant water gun, and he stationed himself at the end of the slide so he could squirt the other kids as they slid down.


I think this was the last year for such a big birthday party. My plans are to keep it much smaller next year with a handful of the close in age cousins and friends. I love having everyone get together, but we might have to host several family dinners throughout the year instead of inviting ALL of my family, MOST of Randy's family, PLUS all of our friends and their kids! That was a whole lot of burgers and hot dogs to buy! Elliot has already started requesting a "camouflage" party for his 5th birthday. We'll see how often the party theme changes over the course of a year!

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