Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gray Day.


Rain, rain go away, come again another week!

Weather.com says it will be raining ALL day long today. It's supposed to be down to just some morning showers tomorrow. I think we're going to try to stay an extra night to have a chance to catch some nicer weather.

In other news, I checked on Elliot during the night and he was fiery hot. I guess whatever me and Sylvie have/had found him, too. His fever hasn't been as high today, thankfully.

We tried to eat out last night and this morning. Sylvie is completely impossible! We made a trip to the grocery store after breakfast so we don't have to venture into a restaurant again on this vacation.

Beach Babe.

Hello from St. Simons Island!

 Keep your fingers crossed that the sickies and a tropical storm won't mess up our trip!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Elliot's Lightning McQueen Birthday Party

The birthday boy!

We had the party out in Randy's shop which fit the car theme well. Little Miss Cookie Thief is running off with her first of many victims in this photo. Caught red-handed!

I used some old motorcycle fenders to hold the goodie bags, and borrowed boxes of car parts that Randy had around the shop to use as cake and cupcake stands.

My first attempt at cake decorating! Elliot's only request was that his cake had Lightning McQueen on it.


I purchased the cupcake topper design, and the ticket-style invitation on Etsy.

Randy's talented cousin made the awesome cookies!

They were gone by the time I was able to eat. :(

Old motorcycle tires and parts.

Party dog Lily! She enjoyed all the dropped food and laying in front of the fan.

Silly girl enjoying her very favorite food group, cheese puffs!

Gift time!

My brother gave Elliot the giant water gun, and he stationed himself at the end of the slide so he could squirt the other kids as they slid down.


I think this was the last year for such a big birthday party. My plans are to keep it much smaller next year with a handful of the close in age cousins and friends. I love having everyone get together, but we might have to host several family dinners throughout the year instead of inviting ALL of my family, MOST of Randy's family, PLUS all of our friends and their kids! That was a whole lot of burgers and hot dogs to buy! Elliot has already started requesting a "camouflage" party for his 5th birthday. We'll see how often the party theme changes over the course of a year!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids say...

Sylvie ran up to me the other evening complaining, "My bootie's peeking out!". It took me a minute to figure out that her diaper had shifted around and her little cheek was hanging out of her diaper!

Completely out of the blue this evening -

Elliot -  (very matter of fact) "I want to die in a few years."
Me - "I want you to live for a long time until you're a little old man, and your body is all worn out. Why do you want to die?"
Elliot - "Because I want to see what God looks like!"
Me - "I hope it's a long, long time before you know that."
Elliot - "Does he have blue skin, or white skin, yellow skin, or red skin?"
Me - "No idea, Buddy!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Visiting Antarctica.

My kids are obsessed with ice. It started out with a handful of penguins and whales, and a couple boats. They added the fleet of airplanes and the St. Bernard. At least he's a cold climate dog! While they look quite happy and well-behaved, I assure you there was a tussle and tantrums over an airplane, and Sylvie was banned (with much screeching) for a bit for pouring water in the floor. If I was smarter I would have braved the gnats and taken it out on the carport. It kept them busy for a long while though!

IMG_1712 IMG_1714

At the lake.

We spent the day at my aunt and uncle's house on Lake Sinclair this past Sunday on Father's Day. It was such a perfect day! The weather was beautiful, we had lots of great company, the food was yummy, the water was just right, and the kids had tons of fun and were so good! We went for a couple long boat rides on Uncle Bill's pontoon boat, and Elliot and Sylvie loved it!

Elliot looks excited, and little cousin Sara looks rather nervous about going under the bridge.

Sweet Sara smile!

Sawyer man!

*poke* *poke* *poke* "Mama, Sawyer's agwavatin' me!"

My cousin Chad and his little buddy. Uncle Bill, Sawyer, and Randy's arm are in the background.

Sunscreened and shaded. I managed to keep both kids from getting sunburnt!

My sweet, sweet Sylvie-bug.

Sara and Sawyer getting their sea (lake?) legs.

Watching the water.

Driving a boat is serious business!

He steered for a looong time. That's a happy little proud face!

Thankfully there are no pictures of Randy and I on the jet ski. It was our first time ever on one, and it was rather nerve wracking. It was fun once we started going fast and it stopped feeling like it was going to tip over, but then we had a few moments of panic when we turned around to go back and weren't sure which section of the lake we came from. It's a big lake. Luckily we chose the right section, and made it back only to bump the dock and break off the rearview mirror when trying to get it on the lift thing. I'm looking forward to trying it again when we go back, if Uncle Bill will let us, haha!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Randy is helping out with the college's aerospace camp for kids a couple days this week. He came home Monday with a camp hat and shirt, and his name tag so the kids decided a round of dress up was in order!


Crazy girl! I hear plush strawberries are delicious.



Our family, as drawn by Elliot. Left to right - Elliot (with his characteristic grumpy face), tiny baby Sylvie, Mama, and Daddy.


Sylvie was quite pleased with her portrait although she was a bit concerned that Elliot didn't draw her a nose. She also thought it was very funny that we all had our belly buttons showing which she concluded to mean we were all "nekkid".

Birthday Quiz.

Elliot birthday quiz

Wish I knew how to make it bigger!

Sunday, June 17, 2012



My aunt has a litter of 6 kittens that need homes, and this little guy is going to become the newest Steinmann baby in a few more weeks! We haven't mentioned it to the kids yet, and I want to keep it a surprise until right before he's old enough to come live with us. So don't say anything!! I think we'll tell the kids and make a special shopping trip a few days before we bring the new kitty home to let them pick out some things for him at Petsmart.  I've been reading up on integrating a new kitten into a household with an older cat, and how to introduce them slowly and safely. I'm staying optimistic that Munchie won't have any issues with suddenly gaining a baby brother. He was one of 6 house cats until about 3 years ago, two of which we hand-raised from birth, so he's proven in the past that he interacts well with other cats and kittens. Hopefully that hasn't changed. I need to get to work on kitten-proofing the house!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Oh yuck.


Look what was hanging out on one of the tomato plants. It stripped the top of the plant bare, but hopefully I found it soon enough to keep the plant alive. Randy squished it and the dog ate it. Bleh!!


Sylvie has pretended to be baby Tinkerbell all morning, and carried her baby doll bottles around to take sips of pretend milk from. She even let me fix her hair like Tinkerbell's! She stubbornly insisted on wearing a jacket outside even though it was nearly 80 degrees, and tucked her bottles into her jacket pockets. She wore her costume into O'Reilly's auto parts store, too!




Edited to add - She wanted her costume back on after her nap, and ended up wearing it to the body shop to pick up Randy's truck (finally!) and to eat at a very crowded Red Lobster!

Hanging around.



Tiny Batman fighting crime in a pink and purple plastic Gotham City. Unfortunately, Batman lost his grappling hook out in the yard today, so his hanging out has come to an end. Maybe the rocket shoes Elliot insists Batman has will help him to continue to fight bad guys and throw them in jail.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Tuesday.

Elliot was running a fever yesterday evening, and was still feeling puny (although much cooler) this morning so we skipped taking the kids to daycare today. They started going for two mornings a week around a month ago, and we are most definitely still in the "warming up" stage. In other words, we hand off two screaming children to the daycare workers twice a week. Elliot actually really likes it (once he gets over us leaving him), and even wants to go for a full day. Sylvie is a bit more iffy about it. It takes her a while to warm up to new situations and crowds, so just when she's starting to get more comfortable with it all, it's time to pick her up. I hope that another month will have the morning drop-off being a bit less stressful.

The water slide shrunk!

Elliot got the little whale pool from his cousins for his birthday, and we set it up this morning. He wanted me to take a picture of him jumping. Sylvie was more interested in drinking the water from the whale's spout than actually playing in the pool.

Sylvie spotted a bug on one of our camp chairs, and wanted to know what it was. I thought it was a grasshopper, but it looked so odd that I wasn't sure. Randy informed us that it was a girl grasshopper because it had an egg tube. What?! How do I not know this? So now I have something to look up tomorrow. Hopefully I can find a video of one laying eggs. Elliot and Sylvie seem to think that anything that lays eggs sits on them to keep them warm until they hatch, and then takes care of them like birds do to their babies. We haven't really introduced the life stages of insects...yet.


Also, today marked a milestone, but unfortunately I didn't bring my camera. We took the kids to see their very first movie in a theater! We watched Madagascar 3, and Elliot did soooo good! He even sat by himself on another row. There were only a very small handful of people in the theater, and just like at home after watching something for 10 minutes, Sylvie was pretty well done and wanted to wander around the theater. We made it through the whole thing without too much drama, so I'm counting it as a success. I think Sylvie will be staying with her Grandmother next time we go to a kid's movie though.

P.S. - Randy's face is like a dern Brillo pad today. It would make a good alternative to sandpaper if I were in a pinch and happened to be out. Getting a smooch is a little bit painful, haha!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Randy got a makeover!



Elliot has been asking Randy to shave his beard off for several months, so he finally took the plunge. It's been six or so years since I've seen that face! I keep getting the giggles every time I look at him; it's so strange! Now he resembles his children so much more,  but Sylvie refuses to look at him. She said she wanted Daddy to put his beard back on. This was just before nap time so maybe she'll be more accepting when she's not so tired!

Update: Sylvie seemed okay with it by bedtime, and finally gave non-fuzzy Daddy a kiss on the cheek!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pure joy.


The water slide we rented for Elliot's birthday party was delivered two days early!

A 4 year old with his very own giant water slide for 3 days = pure kid joy!

That is one happy little guy right there!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Elliot!!!

Just born and in Daddy's arms for the first time!

Bright-eyed on his first day home from the hospital!

Jared grad & Elliot's birthday 077