Sunday, May 20, 2012

A weekend in the big city.

On Mother's Day weekend (ironically) Randy and I took our first trip ever without Elliot and Sylvie! We headed to Atlanta on Friday morning, and got back late Sunday afternoon. We stayed downtown in Buckhead, took advantage of our hotel's limo service, leisurely shopped, enjoyed eating out without telling two little someones to sit down a million times, finally saw The Hunger Games, went to the Bodies exhibit, went for an adventurous taxi ride, and went to see A Prairie Home Companion at the Fox Theater. I barely took any photos since my two favorite subjects weren't there.

Our ride! I really felt kind of ridiculous pulling up to the mall in a limo. I would have preferred a van, lol! But it was really nice not having to navigate Atlanta traffic.

The fabulous Fox! The show was sold out, and it was sooo crowded. We would have never made it on time if we had tried to drive. It was out of range for the hotel limo service, so we took a taxi instead. It was a fun, although a bit of a hair-raising ride!

So excited to "see" the oh so familiar radio show in person! It was a bit surreal! And it was neat to listen to the repeat of the live broadcast on the way home the next day! This is the show we were at.

Inside the Fox. I don't know why I didn't walk on up afterwards and get a photo of the night sky ceiling. It's gorgeous. I haven't been here since high school when we would go to shows during literary field trips.

The set and a glowing Garrison Keillor. My favorite part was Fred Newman's sound effects during the skits.

My Mother's Day roses I picked out from Wal-Mart after we got home on Sunday!

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