Saturday, May 19, 2012


Meet Sluggy T. Sluggerton. I feel like he'd probably say "Allo!" like the little worm guy on Labyrinth if he could speak.
Look at those eyestalks! I wonder what a slug sees exactly? Changes in light levels maybe? I found my little friend hanging out on the lid of the cat food container outside late one evening. Randy is disgusted by slugs so I brought Sluggy in to meet him. You can be sure that Randy was absolutely thrilled!

See that hole on his side? That's what he breathes through. Amazing! I wish the kids had been up so they could see him. Actually, slugs are hermaphrodites, so maybe I should refer to it as "shim".

Slime trail! Don't worry, I disinfected my hands and arm after returning Sluggy to the wilds of our yard. I showed the kids the photos the next day, and we looked up the anatomy of a slug on Wikipedia. Did you know that they have teeth? I never thought about that until Elliot asked me if slugs bite.

By 11-ish at night, Sluggy is beating me out in the photogenic department!

My mom was a middle grades science teacher for a good portion of her teaching career. It is rumored that she once had a roach fall from the ceiling of her classroom. When the roach's acrobatics interrupted her lesson, she calmly leaned down and picked it up (barehanded?) while exclaiming, "Ah, a specimen!"

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  1. Yes, the roach story is true. She put it in a jar after picking it up (barehanded!) off the floor. This thing fell out of a ten foot ceiling onto a tile floor, so it made a very audible noise in the silent classroom.


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