Thursday, May 31, 2012

Senior citizens.

Randy and I are unofficially little old people at age 30. Randy now has a cardiologist and heart medication, and after a visit to the foot doctor today, I have foot wrap things to reform my arches, orthotic insoles, and a list of approved shoe brands/styles. I prefer the insoles to the heart medicine for sure, but I'm still sad that I can't wear flip-flops anymore.

I mentioned to my mom about Randy and I being old folks. She said that sometimes when she and her fella, Mr. Johnny, are out somewhere, she'll comment to him about how only little old people are there. Then she remembers that they are actually little old people, too!

 I wonder if anyone ever really pictures themselves at or feels their actual age?

 I still think that I'm about 23.

 Well, I did until the doctor told me, "I'll address your bunions at a later date."
 I think that aged me by about 50 years! :)


  1. I'll see your bunions and raise you a hearing aid, ya cheeky little whipper-snapper.

    Old my froggy-fied butt.

  2. Whenever I feel down about getting old, I can just remind myself that you will ALWAYS be older than me! Hahaha!


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