Sunday, May 20, 2012

My baby chicks and the chickens.

Ever since we brought the chicks home, Elliot and Sylvie have pretended to be baby chicks Every. Single. Day. Sylvie has only recently (in the past week) moved on to being a baby cow. Elliot is sticking to his guns, and has even enhanced his story. Now he is a baby chick named Meatball, and I'm not his mama chicken, but instead I'm a person who found him at the trash dumpsters and brought him home with me to take care of. He was hungry and lonely and I put him in my car to bring home. His bed is often referred to as his roost, and baby cow Sylvie's bed is soft grass. Elliot (as Meatball) likes to practice flying, and sometimes pretends to be in his egg and pecks his way out. He also likes to peck his food. Teeth brushing time has turned into a game of "what can we find in baby chick's beak?", and he thinks it's hilarious when we pretend to brush away chick feed, spider's legs, and bits of banana and broccoli. Sylvie cow often has grass, hay, oats, and dandelion flowers stuck in her teeth. This game has definitely made it easier to get them to let us brush behind them.


Apparently, scooping poop is pretty entertaining. Fine with me!

I need chicken coop boots, too. Wish I could find some pink polka dots in my size!

Baby Kitty and Lily watching some Chicken TV. Lily was really probably watching us inside the coop. She hasn't paid the chickens any attention which makes me hopeful that they'll be able to free range some when they get full grown. Most everything I've read says that cats rarely bother a full grown chicken.

Sylvie's turn to do some poop scoopin'!

The two black chickens (Jellybean and Bubble) seem to be more outgoing than the others.

They were being very calm and let Elliot stroke their backs that day.


Meatball and Lemon Drop taking in the view from their new home!


  1. Edie, I love reading your blog. Your kids are so adorable.

    Keep the stories coming!

  2. so cute, I need to take the kids on a "fieldtrip" one day and come see the chickens.

  3. Thank you Joanie! So glad you're reading!

    That would be fun Stacie!


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