Monday, May 28, 2012

Kids say...

Last night Elliot was looking at himself in the mirror after brushing his teeth.

E - "Why do I have two eyes, two arms, one nose, two nostrils, and one mouth with lots of teeth?"

Me - "Because that's how God made you."

E - "Why don't I look like a cat?"

Me - "Because He wanted you to be a little boy."

E - "But I wanted to be a cat!"


  1. You could tell him that little boys can pretend to be anything. It's very hard for cats to pretend to be little boys. XD

    - Jen

  2. Cats could be pretending, but we'd never know.

  3. There's a definite advantage to being a little boy! In the span of a few hours this afternoon, he's been a baby bald eagle, a chick, a kitten, and a mouse named Squeakers. And he was washed with a baby wipe instead of his own tongue; that's definitely a plus!


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