Sunday, May 6, 2012

Friday morning at home.

Backstory: Sylvie was playing with the stick horse Friday morning, and Elliot was playing with his little Chococat plush (which is actually mine). Chococat was very busy doing acrobatics, flips off the counter top, standing on his head, etc. He was relieved to not be attached to the dog leash and dragged all over the house for once. He's the only stuffed animal of Elliot's that has a collar, so he gets chosen to be "walked" quite often. Cowgirl Sylvie was out for a trail ride on the stick horse (named Wood, by Elliot), when she suddenly became obsessed with the idea that Chococat MUST go for a ride. She's very insistent, but it turns out that little Chococat has a fear of horses, and refused the offer of a ride. Cowgirl Sylvie became extremely offended. After a good 15 minutes of repeated demands that Chococat should ride Wood the horse, multiple screaming fits, and one incidence of Elliot being attacked by the horse, Chococat was finally persuaded (by me) to try petting the horse. So he did, although rather reluctantly. IMG_1023
Chococat finally decided that maybe, just maybe that he might like to go for a ride. Cowgirl Sylvie was triumphant!
Yay, he's having fun on his first horseback ride! IMG_1022
Chococat went for a short ride, Cowgirl Sylvie was appeased, and all is right with the world. For a couple minutes anyway.

Sylvie inherited an outgrown dress-up dress from her cousin Sarah last week. She has thoroughly enjoyed wearing it and pretending to be a princess. I think Santa might have to bring her some more pretty dress-up clothes this Christmas!
Little Princess Sylvie does not have very refined manners. IMG_1031
She know how to wield a magic wand (although her method of holding it is a bit unconventional) and will happily turn you into whatever creature you request. IMG_1033
Sometimes Princess Sylvie gets a little fed up with wearing all the royal jewels, and likes to keep things simple with just one genuine pink pearl necklace.

Elliot's sad face. He busted up his lip earlier this week. It looks pretty disgusting inside, like a mini shark attacked it. The swelling finally went down just in time for family portraits on Saturday, thank goodness! He did have a rather gruesome fat lip lopsided smile for a few days.

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