Wednesday, May 9, 2012

End of season.

Elliot's last time at bat at his last t-ball game of the season.

Hanging out on 3rd.

Meanwhile, Sylvie is busy making rock piles.

He's proud of his tiny trophy! It's now in a place of honor on his dresser.

Trying to hide his trophy from Sylvie because she wanted to hold it.

And now that the last game is over, on to the real reason both Elliot and Sylvie get excited when it's a game night.



Rockin' out on her penguin!





We had a really good first experience with having a child involved in a sport. Elliot's coaches were great, and while his team shrunk in size along the way, the ones that were left were very interested and really wanted to be there which made it fun! All of them improved so much since that first practice, and not a single one even had to use the tee at this last game. It was fun being a part of something, and interacting with the other kids and parents. Elliot whined here and there throughout the season about it being too hot or he was thirsty, he had a few temper tantrums when he wasn't the one to catch the ball, and he spent some time twirling in the outfield and wearing his glove on his head, but overall I was incredibly impressed with how interested he was and how well he paid attention.

After receiving his little trophy, Elliot asked me why Sylvie didn't get a trophy, too. I guess he thought that since she was at every game she deserved a trophy! That or he just wanted her to have her own so she wouldn't want to hold his. :)  Sylvie is excited about being old enough to play next year. Both her and Elliot are looking forward to being on the same team. I'm looking forward to them wearing matching baseball uniforms! There was a white sheet of paper laying in the floor in the kitchen this morning, and Sylvie went over to stand on it. She said, "Wook Mama, I on base!" Elliot started trying to coach her on where she needed to run next to get on second and third. "They got a hit Sylvie! Run to second, over there at the trash can!" He got frustrated when she wouldn't comply to his exact demands, and she lost interest after a couple minutes, but it was cute!

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