Sunday, May 20, 2012


The coop. It's not done, but it's good enough for now! The door to the right will open out onto a run that will be open air year round. The actual coop will be open like this during the warm months, and closed in (with siding or heavy plastic? I'm not sure yet) during winter. It still needs a little chicken door, a larger, higher roost bar, nesting boxes (but it will be a while before they need them), paint, and some landscaping. The sand floor is working out great so far. It's easy to clean and only slightly musty smelling. No horrible chicken reek.

Curious girl!

Tiny feathered chickensaurus. I can totally see her dinosaur ancestry!

Now little Nugget here looks more like some type of bird of prey.

Meatball has perfected her Cleopatra inspired eye liner. She was tolerating being held in this photo.

I don't know if fully grown chickens have such cute fuzzy butts, or if it's still just vestiges of their baby chick-hood.

Fuzzy rump! I hope that's not something they grow out of!

I'm still nervous that someone might turn out to be a roo, but I'm not well educated enough about chickens to be able to tell at this point.

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