Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Day.

Sylvie was excited that it was Baby Day at church! IMG_1049
I attempted to get a few photos while we waited our turn, but my kids were having an anti-camera kind of day.
I had to hold Elliot down to get him to stay still enough for this one photo.
Our church presented all the little ones 2 and under, and they rode into the sanctuary in little red wagons. IMG_1058
It's Sylvie's turn! Elliot was along for the ride, and pitched a fit when it was time to get out of the wagon at the front of the church. Aggravation!!
Cutie pie!

Several babies were dedicated, including our little cousin Maddie, a slide show of photos of all the babies was shown, and then Pastor Steve gave his sermon. It's kinda sad that we won't have any babies to participate in next year's baby day! :(

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