Thursday, May 3, 2012

Air Show.

IMG_0925 IMG_0928
I'm so very glad that Randy picked up a couple fan/mister things at the store. They kept us cooler, and kept Elliot entertained!
Daddy and son aviation nerds!
IMG_0934 IMG_0936
She's a little aviation nerd-in-training, too!
One of the Silverwings.
Sylvie was very attached to her little inflatable Blue Angel!
IMG_0943 IMG_0948
A couple of the Blue Angel crew members were giving out posters and stickers and posing for pictures. I look like a lazy bum in the photo making Randy haul kids around! He and Elliot were going to get their photo with the crew members, then Sylvie had to be in it, too. And then a lady offered to take a photo of all of us, so I jumped in and didn't grab a kid!
IMG_0949 IMG_0952
Inspecting the tail skid of an Apache helicopter.
Sylvie looking oh so adorable while sitting in a Huey helicopter.
IMG_0956 IMG_0958
Funny little C-130 replica that we took a little ride in around the parking lot.
IMG_0961 IMG_0962
Sylvie's "I'm trying to figure out if I like this or not" face. I wonder if she thought it was really going to fly?
She didn't want to leave once we got out of the plane, so I think she liked it.
The kids LOVED wearing the pilot helmet and sitting in the Nighthawk replica!
We had a professional photo taken of each of them, but you could take your own photos also, and the photographer guy was so nice and great with kids. He told me to stand in front of the plane to take the photo and got Elliot to do the big thumbs up! Can you tell Elliot wanted to take it home with him?
Sylvie loved it, too! She cried when Elliot got to wear the pilot helmet first. She had fun mashing buttons and switches when it was her turn.
So pretty!
In the cockpit of a massive C-17.
Look how high we were up off the ground in that plane!
I would have a mental breakdown if I was responsible for knowing what all those buttons, switches, and dials were for!
Blue Angel time!!!

We had a great time despite the heat, and massive crowd all trying to get on the buses back to the parking lot at the same time. Randy also kneeled in an ant bed at one point, and has a lovely thigh full of ant bites. Our plan for next time - Go on a Sunday once again, bring a backpack instead of a diaper bag, walk around to the displays early during the day to avoid lines, pack as many bottles of water we can into the backpack, and wait around after the feature part of the show to avoid the crowds when leaving. We were so tired and ready to get out of there, but it would have been better to get some supper from the concession stands and just stick around for another 45 minutes before trying to leave.


  1. That's not a AH-64 Apache. It's a AH-1W Super Cobra.

  2. Hahaha!! I'm having a real hard time figuring out who left this comment, lol! Thank you for the correction, brother dear.


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