Thursday, May 31, 2012

Senior citizens.

Randy and I are unofficially little old people at age 30. Randy now has a cardiologist and heart medication, and after a visit to the foot doctor today, I have foot wrap things to reform my arches, orthotic insoles, and a list of approved shoe brands/styles. I prefer the insoles to the heart medicine for sure, but I'm still sad that I can't wear flip-flops anymore.

I mentioned to my mom about Randy and I being old folks. She said that sometimes when she and her fella, Mr. Johnny, are out somewhere, she'll comment to him about how only little old people are there. Then she remembers that they are actually little old people, too!

 I wonder if anyone ever really pictures themselves at or feels their actual age?

 I still think that I'm about 23.

 Well, I did until the doctor told me, "I'll address your bunions at a later date."
 I think that aged me by about 50 years! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where did time go?


This cutie pie little baby boy will be 4 years old in one week. *sniffle*

Monday, May 28, 2012

Kids say...

Last night Elliot was looking at himself in the mirror after brushing his teeth.

E - "Why do I have two eyes, two arms, one nose, two nostrils, and one mouth with lots of teeth?"

Me - "Because that's how God made you."

E - "Why don't I look like a cat?"

Me - "Because He wanted you to be a little boy."

E - "But I wanted to be a cat!"

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A quiet Sunday morning at home.

Randy still isn't quite up to par from his "wreck" and the bad cold that got ahold of him so we stuck around the house this morning. The kids did a little sandbox and sprinkler playing, watermelon eating, and butterfly chasing. I finished planting our few veggies and marigolds, and Randy was on sippy cup refill duty. It's so hot already!

Baby bald eagle (his new animal of choice) cooling off in the sprinkler.

Tiny tomatoes!

Sweet summertime girl.

Grubby toes.

Showing off his ribs and lily white skin muscles!

Wish I had been able to get a photo of the lime green dragon fly I saw!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A girl and her horse.

Randy made Sylvie a rocky horse as a belated birthday gift. It's one of his first woodworking projects, and it turned out so nice! He stained and painted and sealed it and gave it to her last week. She loves it! She was in an ill mood when I decided to get her photo with it though.

She's not impressed with the bumpy ride on the uneven dirt. She told me, "It's too wumpy (lumpy), and I dumpy (grumpy)!"

This little horse thief was a grumpy fella, too. Thankfully he gave up his stolen ride without too much fuss.

There's a smile, little cowgirl!

And back to grumpy girl.

So grumpy that she tried to hide under the hat.

Her mood suddenly perked up a bit!

Still wouldn't allow me to take that dangling band-aid off her ankle though.


Randy walked by when I was editing this one and said, "She's so pretty!" He's got that right!


You better bet that it makes Daddy feel good seeing how much she loves her horse!

Petting her horse's tail.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hummingbird Moth.

A hummingbird moth enjoying the pentas. I had the camera about 6 inches away, and it didn't seem to care. I haven't seen actual hummingbirds yet, but the butterflies are swarming the flowerbed! I need to dig the hummingbird feeders out of the garden shed.

Dino Airlines.

I love when the stars align, and the kids somehow come to an agreement to play together with no squabbles. The spent a long stretch of time a couple days ago flying their little dinosaurs to the beach for a picnic, then to a baseball game, and then home again. Sylvie's imagination is really, really taking off and she is so funny and adorable. As she was loading up her dinosaurs in her pink Little People plane, she began to make fake whimpering, crying sounds. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that the dinosaurs had to fly home. She was pretending her dinosaurs were crying about leaving the baseball game!

I stumbled upon Elliot's plane later during the day long after they had moved on to other games.  Elliot's Playmobil pilot and the little Stegosaurus snuggling on his shoulder made me chuckle!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

My baby chicks and the chickens.

Ever since we brought the chicks home, Elliot and Sylvie have pretended to be baby chicks Every. Single. Day. Sylvie has only recently (in the past week) moved on to being a baby cow. Elliot is sticking to his guns, and has even enhanced his story. Now he is a baby chick named Meatball, and I'm not his mama chicken, but instead I'm a person who found him at the trash dumpsters and brought him home with me to take care of. He was hungry and lonely and I put him in my car to bring home. His bed is often referred to as his roost, and baby cow Sylvie's bed is soft grass. Elliot (as Meatball) likes to practice flying, and sometimes pretends to be in his egg and pecks his way out. He also likes to peck his food. Teeth brushing time has turned into a game of "what can we find in baby chick's beak?", and he thinks it's hilarious when we pretend to brush away chick feed, spider's legs, and bits of banana and broccoli. Sylvie cow often has grass, hay, oats, and dandelion flowers stuck in her teeth. This game has definitely made it easier to get them to let us brush behind them.


Apparently, scooping poop is pretty entertaining. Fine with me!

I need chicken coop boots, too. Wish I could find some pink polka dots in my size!

Baby Kitty and Lily watching some Chicken TV. Lily was really probably watching us inside the coop. She hasn't paid the chickens any attention which makes me hopeful that they'll be able to free range some when they get full grown. Most everything I've read says that cats rarely bother a full grown chicken.

Sylvie's turn to do some poop scoopin'!

The two black chickens (Jellybean and Bubble) seem to be more outgoing than the others.

They were being very calm and let Elliot stroke their backs that day.


Meatball and Lemon Drop taking in the view from their new home!


The coop. It's not done, but it's good enough for now! The door to the right will open out onto a run that will be open air year round. The actual coop will be open like this during the warm months, and closed in (with siding or heavy plastic? I'm not sure yet) during winter. It still needs a little chicken door, a larger, higher roost bar, nesting boxes (but it will be a while before they need them), paint, and some landscaping. The sand floor is working out great so far. It's easy to clean and only slightly musty smelling. No horrible chicken reek.

Curious girl!

Tiny feathered chickensaurus. I can totally see her dinosaur ancestry!

Now little Nugget here looks more like some type of bird of prey.

Meatball has perfected her Cleopatra inspired eye liner. She was tolerating being held in this photo.

I don't know if fully grown chickens have such cute fuzzy butts, or if it's still just vestiges of their baby chick-hood.

Fuzzy rump! I hope that's not something they grow out of!

I'm still nervous that someone might turn out to be a roo, but I'm not well educated enough about chickens to be able to tell at this point.

A weekend in the big city.

On Mother's Day weekend (ironically) Randy and I took our first trip ever without Elliot and Sylvie! We headed to Atlanta on Friday morning, and got back late Sunday afternoon. We stayed downtown in Buckhead, took advantage of our hotel's limo service, leisurely shopped, enjoyed eating out without telling two little someones to sit down a million times, finally saw The Hunger Games, went to the Bodies exhibit, went for an adventurous taxi ride, and went to see A Prairie Home Companion at the Fox Theater. I barely took any photos since my two favorite subjects weren't there.

Our ride! I really felt kind of ridiculous pulling up to the mall in a limo. I would have preferred a van, lol! But it was really nice not having to navigate Atlanta traffic.

The fabulous Fox! The show was sold out, and it was sooo crowded. We would have never made it on time if we had tried to drive. It was out of range for the hotel limo service, so we took a taxi instead. It was a fun, although a bit of a hair-raising ride!

So excited to "see" the oh so familiar radio show in person! It was a bit surreal! And it was neat to listen to the repeat of the live broadcast on the way home the next day! This is the show we were at.

Inside the Fox. I don't know why I didn't walk on up afterwards and get a photo of the night sky ceiling. It's gorgeous. I haven't been here since high school when we would go to shows during literary field trips.

The set and a glowing Garrison Keillor. My favorite part was Fred Newman's sound effects during the skits.

My Mother's Day roses I picked out from Wal-Mart after we got home on Sunday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Meet Sluggy T. Sluggerton. I feel like he'd probably say "Allo!" like the little worm guy on Labyrinth if he could speak.
Look at those eyestalks! I wonder what a slug sees exactly? Changes in light levels maybe? I found my little friend hanging out on the lid of the cat food container outside late one evening. Randy is disgusted by slugs so I brought Sluggy in to meet him. You can be sure that Randy was absolutely thrilled!

See that hole on his side? That's what he breathes through. Amazing! I wish the kids had been up so they could see him. Actually, slugs are hermaphrodites, so maybe I should refer to it as "shim".

Slime trail! Don't worry, I disinfected my hands and arm after returning Sluggy to the wilds of our yard. I showed the kids the photos the next day, and we looked up the anatomy of a slug on Wikipedia. Did you know that they have teeth? I never thought about that until Elliot asked me if slugs bite.

By 11-ish at night, Sluggy is beating me out in the photogenic department!

My mom was a middle grades science teacher for a good portion of her teaching career. It is rumored that she once had a roach fall from the ceiling of her classroom. When the roach's acrobatics interrupted her lesson, she calmly leaned down and picked it up (barehanded?) while exclaiming, "Ah, a specimen!"

Garden sprites and spiders.

We have a few bluebird boxes around the yard, and I was happy to see this little cutie (on the post) perched near one! Two of the boxes have nests in them! The third one just has a wasp nest, yuck. I think we need to move it to a more open area of the yard. When we eventually live out on our "farm", I'm going make or buy loads of bluebird boxes and place them all over the property. I could map out where all of them are placed and monitor them in the spring.

I cleaned out a flower bed the other day, and had two little garden sprites eager to help.

They picked up most all of the old pine straw and leaves I raked out of the bed.

I didn't complain.

She hardly ever wears shoes anymore.

We took a break for a bit of butterfly observation (and chasing).

And then Elliot almost accidentally petted this not so little guy. He was reaching for the last bit of pine straw when I saw this huge wolf spider hanging out in it.

I herded him along with a blade of grass, and the kids were both amazed and a bit terrified of it! We looked wolf spiders up on Wikipedia later and learned that they have 8 eyes - 4 small ones on bottom, 2 huge ones on the middle row, and two more medium sized eyes on top of their head. Sylvie thinks he has a mustache and that he's a daddy spider. I think he's kind of adorable. Do a super zoom on him and just look at that face, lol!

IMG_1288 IMG_1289
After dumping the old pine straw and double checking the wheelbarrow for spiders, the kids went for a little ride.

Even though the gnats are so HORRIBLE that it feels like I'm walking in a swarm of them and my legs are covered in mosquito bites, I'm really enjoying all the time we've been spending outside. It's so much easier with the kids being old enough to wander around the yard without me tagging along right behind them. The thing I'm happiest about though is that they're finding things to do outside now on their own, not wandering around bored and dependent on me to create an activity. Our feet are perpetually nasty. I'm thinking of setting up a foot wash station outside next to the door with a bucket of water, scrubby brush, soap, and an old towel. Our floors are never clean anyway, but they've reached a whole new level of dirty.