Wednesday, April 27, 2011


-Doctor's appt. for Elliot who no longer acted like he needed a check-up. Elliot and Sylvie love going to the doctor. They have a train table, a slide, and a fish tank. Elliot screams and falls on the floor when it's time to leave. I felt dumb because I did the whole "Bye-bye Elliot. See you later!" thing and walked out the door thinking he'd come running. Well, it doesn't really work anymore. He would have stayed. I had to go back into the full waiting room and pick my screaming child up with my free arm (I had Sylvie and the diaper bag in the other) and take him out to the car. He gets over it pretty quickly though. He has something viral. I'm blaming the bouncy house thing he spent so much time in on Friday. If we ever rent one of those for any reason, I'm going in first with a can of Lysol and disinfecting the thing!

-We went through the drive-thru at Wendy's after leaving the doctor's office. They have a couple of those floppy, wavy inflatable column things out front. As we were leaving Elliot pointed at them and said, "Look, they're waving at God!". He's starting to say the most unexpected things, and it's so much fun!

-Elliot was riding his little motorcycle through the house, popped a wheelie, and came down kinda hard which resulted in "Owww, my weenie!". I'm sure for moms of older boys this isn't anything new, but that's the first time he's made an injured weenie reference that I can recall.

-I love my husband. We were leaving Wal-Mart this evening, and Elliot wanted to ride the tiny carousel in the arcade area. Of course Sylvie pitches a fit to do whatever Elliot is doing, but she can't be trusted to not fall off of the thing yet. The carousel is tucked in a corner with very minimal room around it, but Randy holds her on the horse and walks around and around until it's over. And apparently it's not the first time!

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