Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet Lily.

Our other big dog, Elba, passed away this past November and sweet Lily is now by herself out in the yard. She was already affectionate, but now has turned into a certified lap dog whenever Randy or I sit down while outside. 50 lbs. of stinky, gnat attracting doggie is a little much to have on one's lap, and whenever we're not actively petting her she will paw at us with a very scratchy big paw. It's a bit hard to ignore. She is amazing with the children, and seems to have really bonded to them since her big sissy died. A wiggly black dog doesn't photograph well, so I was very happy with these snapshots of her!


Can you see the slight expression change in between the first and second photo? In the second photo Sylvie reached out and was petting Lily. Lily is looking towards Sylvie with lovey eyes, and has a bigger "smile"!

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