Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Strawberry Friday.

We were up bright and early on the Friday before Easter.

The front yard at a little before 8 am. Morning is the prettiest time of day. I want to be a morning person.

Randy had the day off, and strawberries were ready at our local u-pick farm, so we headed that way. It was chilly, overcast, and a bit drizzly, but so very nice out.











Sylvie wanted her picture with the pretty Amaryllis that they had planted everywhere.

The lady that weighed and rung up our strawberries gave the kids a bag of fish food to feed the fish with. The brim were already ready and waiting when we got to the edge of the pond, and after a few moments bunches of HUGE catfish join the crowd. They really make the water churn, and I love seeing those whiskers and big wide white catfish mouths break the surface. Even a couple turtles swam near in hopes of getting some food. The fish follow you as you walk around the pond. Spoiled fishes! (I'm so hungry, and now have a craving for some fried catfish fillets and hushpuppies!)

Lots of honeysuckle.

We taught the kids the art of pulling the stamen backwards out of the honeysuckle flower, collecting the nectar into a big drop to taste. They loved "drinking" the "flower juice" just like bees and butterflies! Sylvie didn't quite get the hang of just touching the tip of her tongue to
the flower, and would chomp it like a little shark. :)

Elliot was very interested, and kept at it by himself long after Sylvie had moved on to exploring other things.

I'd like to be able to show you some photos of the strawberries put up in the freezer, and strawberry jam, and a strawberry pie, but in reality we ate some, fed some to the chicks, and the rest sat in the fridge until they were kinda moldy. They are now stored in the compost pile.

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