Friday, April 20, 2012



This is currently on our tv cabinet.

Two days down with zero tv so far.

I don't watch tv at all except for the occasional show or movie on Netflix. Now I did have a brief Downton Abbey obsession that lasted until I watched every episode of season 1 and 2, haha! Randy watches older episodes of a few shows on Netflix, and the occasional movie. Sylvie could care less about the tv. Ten minutes into a show, and she's done.

Elliot is absolutely obsessed with watching tv. His current love is Mighty Machines. We cancelled our satellite service a couple months ago, and just use Netflix. But Netflix still has nearly unlimited amounts of kid tv. Elliot whines to watch tv first thing in the morning, begs to have a snack on the sofa instead of breakfast at the table, has a tantrum when I turn off the tv and refuse to let him eat on the sofa, and whines to watch tv many, many times throughout the day, often having meltdowns when I don't let him. Every time he's watching something, and the show starts to go off, he starts whining to watch something else. I've used the tv as a crutch often, and it's gotten totally out of hand. We have more battles throughout the day over the television than almost anything else. It's beginning to take a toll on his desire to go play outside, and that really bothers me. I became totally fed up earlier this week, and turned the thing off for good. Or at least until he's "detoxed" from it, then I have no problem letting him watch a half hour of tv each day and a family movie night once in a while. I was so annoyed with the repeated whining for tv later that day that I angrily drew up the NO TV sign with a frowny face and stuck it on the tv cabinet. Elliot became really angry with the sign, saying he didn't like the sad face, and threatened to tear it down. Randy sneakily turned the frown into a tongue, and drew the rest of the silly face for the kids while I wasn't in the room. Now it's not quite as despised, and best of all I've only heard minor whining about the tv today. Elliot didn't even ask to watch the dvd player in the car today. We've already started reading more, which was something that had begun to fall to the wayside over the past 6 months or so. I even took them to the library today (first time ever for them and probably the first time since high school for me) and we checked out a bunch of books. I'm looking forward to seeing major improvement over the next few weeks.

Now if only someone could make me detox from the computer!

Screen-Free Week is coming up April 30th-May 6th, and I'll definitely be participating again this year!

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