Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little artists.

This no television thing seems to be working out alright. More reading, more playing with toys, more outdoor time, and more art time. And even storytelling! I've told them a story at nap time the past two days, after they were in their beds, and while Sylvie only half listens, Elliot is a fan. Wednesday's was a made up story about little Knight Elliot, and today's was Sylvielocks and the 3 bears. Elliot has requested something about "two little turtles walking down a road and something scares them" for tomorrow's story time. It's good brain exercise for my jelly-lump of a noodle. They spent some time painting one day last week. I really need to start coming up with some variations besides just using kid's tempera or watercolors. There are some amazing blogs out there that provide me with inspiration overload about kid art that I've yet to put into practice. IMG_0785 IMG_0789 IMG_0788 IMG_0791 IMG_0787 IMG_0792 They have the sweetest little sweetie faces ever! They both painted a wooden dinosaur thing from the dollar store, and Elliot painted on a canvas for the first time.

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