Monday, April 23, 2012

Kids say...

"Did you know that some chickens are called Raspberry chickens? They like to eat poop, and sometimes they eat raspberries and blackberries, too. Did you know that?"
- Elliot, while getting ready for bed this evening

While driving on the way to Wal-Mart this evening I somehow started explaining to Elliot how the Sun is a star that is really, really close to Earth, and that it's on fire (simplifying of course) which is why it feels warm when the sun is shining on us. He said it was hot like lava, then asked about what lava was, which led to a discussion of molten rock under the surface of the earth, and how it sometimes erupts out of volcanoes. Which led to me trying to explain (multiple times and involving a mini argument from him that rocks can't melt) how when lava cools it turns back into rock. The discussion ended with this observation from Elliot. "A volcano has yucky stuff in it. Like old yucky, sticky gummy stuff. A volcano is like a trash can."

Where does he get this stuff from?!

Also, the blackbirds that like to hang out in our backyard are now officially Blackberry birds. He refuses to acknowledge that they really aren't called Blackberry birds or that they eat anything besides blackberries. Never mind that blackberries aren't ready yet. I think Blackberry birds are a better name anyway.

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