Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kids say...

My cousin Chad and his family live overseas in Qatar, and will be coming home this weekend to stay for several months. Elliot somewhat understands that Qatar is on the other side of the world, all the way across the ocean, and they have to fly on a big airplane to get there. Plastic Easter eggs are apparently pretty hard to find in the Middle East, so our little cousins Sara and Sawyer missed out on hunting eggs at Easter. We're having an egg hunt this weekend to make up for it! We were talking about this at supper, and Randy asked Elliot if he thought the Easter bunny didn't know how to get to Qatar. Elliot answered with an incredulous, "Yes he does! He can swim across the ocean with a dinosaur float!!"

I went grocery shopping this evening, and unloaded groceries from the car in the rain. I was changing out of my wet shirt, and Elliot told me he liked my muscles. LOL!! Embarrassingly he was referring to the oh so lovely chub rolls present on my body, haha! I told him that it most definitely wasn't muscles, and had to explain how you get chubby (I try not to use the word fat in reference to myself) because of eating too much or unhealthily and not exercising enough. Randy isn't quite as delicate with using the word fat, so if you ask Elliot why his Daddy's tummy is fat, he'll answer you with, "Because he ate too many donuts!"


  1. I just saw about ten posts all at once on your blog and now I'm suffering from an attack of the cuteness. It's all too funny and adorable.

    - Jen

  2. I was on a roll! Trying to catch up a bit.


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