Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Critter encounter.

Rob Frog from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.

Toads hold a whole lotta pee. Vast amounts. That they like to release when being held. The kids were impressed with "Rob Frog" and the beetle eating abilities he/she displayed after being returned to the wilds of our carport. They were also impressed with his ability to pee a lot, haha! Btw, Randy is a bit squeamish of toads/frogs. I think I did finally annoy him into giving Rob a little pat on his toady head.

Rob Frog
Rob should learn how to use a napkin. Notice the little buggy bits left on his froggy lips?


  1. Shouldn't he be Tommy the toad?

  2. Technically, yes. But Rob Frog has a better ring to it! We'll worry more about the distinguishing features of frogs vs. toads when I have an audience who is mature enough to care. :)


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