Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunshine on my shoulder.


I would never, ever survive a northern winter. Just a couple weeks ago the kids were able to wear shorts and play with their water table outside. Then winter decided to revisit us. One week of icy wind and temps that didn't want to rise above 40 degrees kept us inside most every day. Normally we would have bundled up and gone out, but I've already gotten into the spring mindset and I just don't want to be cold anymore. Wednesday dawned sunny and gorgeous and it made it up to nearly 70 degrees! Elliot even was allowed to play with the much revered water hose by that afternoon! I'm sure we'll probably have another chilly spell, but I'm hoping spring weather is here to stay.

Playing in the new deck box we bought to corral all the outdoor toys. Now you see him!

Now you don't!

Elliot begged me to play with him in the deck box so I eventually gave in and managed to squeeze myself in there. Here we are in the box with the lid closed!

Sylvie peeking in. She didn't like me shut in there at all. I tried to get her to get in, too, but she said it was too dark. She eventually decided it was fun to open the lid and then clop it back down on top of our heads over and over!

We also played in the sandbox, Sylvie's absolute favorite outdoor activity.

Tolerated Lil' Tom's insistent shoe snuggling.

Declared war against the millions of flies sunning themselves on the kid's playground. Seriously disgusting.

I armed myself with a fly swatter, and Elliot's weapon of choice was a plastic bat. Very satisfying work. I truly probably took out 50 or more flies in a 15 minute battle. Now the playground is decorated with fly guts.

The kids also enjoyed their new toys. Now they each have their own ball so they won't have to fight over the one faded, half flat ball we did have.

Maybe that will be one less bout of sibling rivalry we'll have to deal with.

Oh, can't forget bubbles!

All that fresh air wore them out, and even Elliot went down for a nap after lunch!

Linking up to The Anderson Crew's Embrace the Camera since I managed to get a photo including myself for once!

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  1. Those pics gave me my dose of sunshine for the day :)


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