Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meal plan for the week!

I don't cook much. It's not that I dislike cooking, or that I'm bad at's all in the planning. I make meal planning a bigger bother in my head than it actually is so I'm biting the bullet. Mealtime is stressful at our house and we resort to eating out waaaayyyy too often. When Elliot was itty-bitty and I tried to picture life with a toddler I always had the ideal vision that we'd go to McDonald's once a month or so, and that it would be a big treat to get a happy meal. Now with a toddler and a preschooler, I'm chucking kid's meal toys in the trash left and right after they've been forgotten and abandoned a week after they entered the house. Plus, Randy and I are both 60 or more pounds overweight, and that fast food sure ain't doing us any favors! Eventually I would like to cook much more health consciously, but at this point I just want to establish the habit of cooking at home everyday. And besides, most anything will be healthier than a Big Mac.

Here's the plan for this week:

lunch - leftover spaghetti
            garden peas
supper - hamburger pie
              corn on the cob

lunch - turkey or ham rollups (deli meat on a tortilla spread with onion and chive cream cheese)
            goldfish crackers
supper - Monterey chicken
              butter pecan sweet potatoes

lunch - leftovers from Mon. and Tues.
supper - corn chowder
              canned crescent rolls

lunch - peanut butter & honey sandwiches
supper - tacos w/ fixins' (we usually use one of those kits with hard and soft tacos)
              mexican style rice (probably out of a packet)
              refried beans (much smaller amount and minus the spicy)

lunch - leftovers
supper - baked pork chops
              peas (field peas, not garden peas)
              steamed carrots

lunch - leftovers or a sandwich
supper - Valentine's date night!!
              The kids will have corndogs or something easy for Grandmother to fix.

lunch - eat out, usually at a local buffet, after church (unless the kids are just DONE, and then we grab a bite at home before naptime)
supper - breakfast for supper!

Sweets for the week
cinnamon roll cookies
banana split muffins
lots of fruit everyday



  1. I'm gonna come over and eat at your house. 'K? K.

    Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites. Nobody in this house will agree with me. :P

    - Jen

  2. Come on down anytime!! We eat brinner pretty regularly!


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