Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lovey-dovey Day

All the cute Valentine's Day Pinterest projects on my boards?

-Didn't happen.

The homemade aprons and little baskets of baking supplies I wanted to make for the kids as their V-day gift?

-Actually forgot about that plan until around Sunday evening.

Did I spend an hour at Wal-Mart the evening of the 13th trying to wedge my buggy down the rows of Valentine's junk?

-Sho' nuff.

Did I make the pink waffles for the kids on Valentine's morning like I intended?

-Nope. We were out of waffle mix and I wasn't in the mood to look up a recipe.

Do I expect roses and jewelry and romantic dates, etc.

-Certainly not. But it sure is fun when they happen!

Yep, it's commercialized to the point of ridiculousness, but I still love Valentine's Day. I love pink and red and hearts and boxes of chocolates. I love making things a celebration no matter how insignificant whatever the current holiday happens to be.

I also loved watching a young guy, probably in his late teens, carry a gigantic stuffed Valentine's frog across the Wal-Mart parking lot while trying his best to still look cool. Not possible. But he did look mighty sweet!

Concentrating hard on painting Valentine's. When he first started painting he told me that he was using pink because he thought Callie liked pink. She's our beautician's 3 year old and we go to church with her. Already partial to the little girls, haha!

Painting on paper is boring. Sylvie prefers a three-dimensional canvas. Herself.

He said he was painting swirls, except he pronounced it more like squirrel.


Baby soup.

Gift time! The kids each got the traditional Valentine's balloon, a tiny box of chocolates, bubbles, a paint with water book, and a fuzzy blanket (Cars and Minnie Mouse). Randy brought them each a rose when he came home from work. :)

Randy's gifts - box of chocolates, handprints from the kids, and their photos for his desk at work.

The tiny card I made for Randy right before he came home from work.

He gave me a pretty purse, some beautiful jewelry, and flowers!


  1. You do know you did a heck of a lot more than most people do, right?

    This is all so adorable. XD

    - Jen

  2. what lovely valentine presents he got! :) I love the craft for the kids!


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