Saturday, November 5, 2011


I was just lamenting the fact that the room we use as a playroom is too small to be able to include everything I want to in there and still have a lot of open floor space for play. (Oh shut up, Self. Not everybody even gets to have a playroom!) I think the room is about 11 x 12 or something close to that. One wall is filled with a window. A beautiful brand-new bigger window, btw! One wall has the door into the room, one wall has the door into the master bedroom, and the last wall is taken up by the closet.

Wait...wait a minute...the closet...

The closet that we rarely ever open. The closet that is full of stuff we don't use. Stuff that could be stored elsewhere. The closet with bifold doors so squeaky we can only open it at times the kids are awake, or else we risk waking them up.

Why not get rid of those doors? Why not get rid of some stuff, and relocate some of the other stuff? Why not repaint it a coordinating color, reconfigure the shelving, and make it a usable space?

It could be a reading nook, or maybe the dress-up area, or an art center! It could add a few extra feet of space to the room and provide a little storage for art supplies, games, and out-of-rotation toys and books.

I'm already in love with this idea! I love a good brainstorm!

I'm so excited about the playroom! It's been kinda half realized for a while, but never entirely planned and put together. Now that the old, small window has been replaced it feels ready to come to fruition!

My playroom Pinterest board.


  1. I love all of those ideas! Of course, as a child I would have picked the reading nook. I even used to make a spot in my sliding-door closet with a blanket and a pillow because it was nice and cozy in there.

    Your kids are so lucky! And good job on the sandbox!

  2. Whoops. That was me. -- Jen

  3. I'd choose the reading nook for myself, too! I'm leaning towards the dress-up area though. The mirrors take up a lot of wall space out in the room, and we could put a low hanging bar at either end of the closet for costumes. Right now Randy's a little miffed
    at me for dragging all the stuff out of the closet and littering up our bedroom even more, so I don't think he's quite ready for my bright ideas yet, lol!


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