Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Happy Things.

1. Fall is in the air! Even though it's still 90+ degrees most days, it's here and I can feel it! I think that should be added to the list of 5 senses we learn about as little kids - the recognition of changing seasons. It's almost tangible.

2. Cuddling Sylvie while she's all bundled up in her towel after a bath. She lays so still cradled in my arms, clean and warm and snuggled in her towel, giggling at our reflection in the bathroom mirror. I love that little moment!

3. Hayrides. Our church's little fall festival is this weekend, and Elliot is very excitedly anticipating going on a hayride.

4. The vintage chalkboard I found at the flea market last weekend. Randy mounted it at toddler level in our hallway. That eliminated one project on my ever growing To Do list. Now I don't have to deal with chalkboard paint, and trying to keep little ones from touching wet paint!

5. My new printer! I found out it doesn't print red worth a dern, but the one photo I printed on it so far turned out pretty nice! I've missed being able to instantly have a photo to put in a frame.

Kitty napping in the sunshine - that's a happy thing, too!