Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Today so far.

Started with a trip to the dentist for Elliot's first teeth cleaning. He did so very good, and has perfect little chompers! Sylvie watched a little, and giggled at the giant teeth and toothbrushes that were on the counter. Apparently giant teeth say, "ROAR"! I didn't know that before today. They were both given balloons with a smiley tooth on them (tied up with mint dental floss, hehe) that they insisted on taking in Wal-Mart. Two little children with balloons receive a lot of smiles while in Wal-Mart, and several older folks stopped to chat with them for a moment.

Clean teeth!

Lots of new shoes for the fall were out, and I couldn't pass these up.
Bunnies? Elliot and Sylvie say they're kitties.

When Sylvie tried on her new shoes at home, Elliot insisted on wearing his new pair that we bought a few weeks ago.

She's a fussy nugget.
Time for a nap!

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