Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last day at the beach


Digging the rug.

Breakfast in shades at the 4th of May Cafe.

She was enamored with her sunglasses that morning!

Back on the beach, and it was my turn to be a sand sculptor!
A rogue wave washed away her arm, and made her crack down the middle. The other arm had turned out so perfect, and I didn't even get a picture.



And that's it!

I didn't take but a few photos on our last day. Randy and I were getting thougoughly tired of being sandy, and of cleaning up sandy babies. We left the next morning, and were so happy to be home! Elliot continued to ask to go to the beach everyday for close to a week afterwards. Our trip landed about a week and a half after potty training suddenly clicked with Elliot, and I was worried that his progress might go down the drain with the change in routine. I was relieved that it actually had the opposite effect! He had only a couple accidents, and they were while we were at the condo. We haven't had a poop accident since then!

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