Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beach trip - Our arrival and first day

Max and Ruby on the dvd player and nose picking = fine entertainment. Notice the new pack-n-play box between the carseats? I reminded him to pack our pack-n-play twice, but about halfway there Randy realized he forgot it. And the stroller. So now we have 2 pack-n-plays. We did without a stroller.

The bridge to cross over onto St. Simons Island!

We're here, we're here!!

Boats in the marina.

We hit the beach the next morning. Hello lovely beach!

Sylvie stepped off the boardwalk, and this is what happened as soon as her little pink Croc touched the sand! I think it was all just overwhelming for her - the expanse of space, bright sun reflecting off sand and water, and the waves crashing.

It took her awhile, but she finally warmed up to playing in the sand. She wouldn't have anything to do with the water unless we brought it to her in a bucket.

Elliot had no issues whatsoever. He is made for the beach. Except for inheriting my pasty white skin.

He loves that sand truck.

Sylviezilla - destructor of castles. Poor girl never quite recovered from her initial beach shock. I think she may have had a bit of reaction to the sunscreen. Randy said in dismay, "I think she's allergic to the beach!" Runny eyes, runny nose, splotchy red places on her face. I applied it sparingly on her face after that.

Making Sylvie a pool since she wouldn't go near the water.

He looks so peaceful studying the water.

Love that laugh!

Such a bad picture, look at Sylvie's face! It's pretty much the only one of me though.

The kids were so ready for naptime. Randy was, too!

After a nap and lunch (that I cooked!) we played in the too cold pool and went for a walk on the beach. Sylvie was cold and wanted to stay wrapped up in a towel in Randy's arms. Such a pretty little girl.

Elliot the explorer!

Making all kinds of discoveries. They were both so impressed with the tiny hermit crabs. We also played Dodge the Dead Jellyfish since it was low tide. Yuck.

I love this sand bar part of the beach.

Little beach babe! She finally consented to being put down, but then would walk 6 inches and then stop to see a hole in the sand from one of the little critters (whatever they are) that lives under the sand, say "Uh-oh!", and then walk another six inches and stop again. She rode on my shoulders the rest of the way back to the condo or we would have never made it back to eat supper.

Beach Boy from Edie Steinmann on Vimeo.


  1. what a wonderful family get-a-way Edie! All the pictures are so cute, too. Since this post says Day 1, I can't wait to see more. I love how this beach is so private and desolate. My daddy lives at Mrytle Beach and while I do want to go visit, i hate how touristy it is! :)

    ps- sylvie in that little white hat!! swoon!

  2. Thank you Kim!
    These photos are from the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, and it was delightfully uncrowded! Saturday was a little busier, but not bad at all. Just try to avoid any peak holiday weekends when you go, and if you can possibly wing it, go during the week instead of the weekend. I can't stand heavy crowds!


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